Gulf Coast Oil and Gas Industries (GCI) remanufactures a wide range of instrumentation, actuators control, ball, gate, check, plug and globe valves from major manufacturers. The process for remanufacturing control valves and related equipment is closely linked to our new manufacturing process. Being a new product manufacturer affords us the ability to use new parts in our remanufactured valves, actuators and accessories assuring un-compromised quality. Re-used components such as bodies and bonnets conform to the same specifications as new manufactured components. All remanufactured valves are seat leak and shell tested. All assemblies are also function tested to assure conformance to standard design specifications.

A partial listing of manufacturers and model numbers that we remanufacture is shown below. Feel free to contact us about any product you do not see below.

Fisher: A, B, BF, BFC, CE, CP, D, DBQ, D4, ED,EH, ES, ET, EW, EZ, HP, V100, V150, V200, V300, V250 , 125P, 126PT, 128PQC, 357, 470, 627, 630 657, 667, 2500, 4100, 4150, 4160, 1051, 1052, 1061, 3582, 3610J, 8500, 8510, 8550

Grove: B4, B5, and G4

KF: F, T, P2, P3

Orbit: Ball valves and Actutors

WKM: 310, 370B, 370CT, 370E, 370D4, SAFTSEAL, POWRSEAL

Bettis: CB, HD, T, and G series

Norriseal: 2220 and 2700

Daniel, Wheatley, and KF check valves

General Twinseal

*Wheatley, Daniel, General Twinseal, W-K-M, Foxboro, Fisher, Barton, Norriseal, Orbit, KF and Grove are all registered trademarks and are not associated or affiliated with GCI in any way, nor has any of the above manufacturers sponsored, approved, or otherwise reviewed any products made, sold, or re-manufactured by GCI.


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