Model G20 Control Valves

The Model G20 globe style control valve can be used for either throttling or on/off control of gases or liquids. The Model G20 is used for a wide range of pressure drops and temperatures. The G20 is a balanced plug used where Class II and III shutoff is adequate. The G21 is a balanced plug design plug used where Class IV and V shutoff is required. The G22 uses an unbalanced plug that is top or top and port guided that provides Class IV, V and VI shutoff. The G23 uses an unbalanced cage guided plug that provides Class IV, V and VI shutoff.


Cage guided
Single port
Reduced port trims available
Pressure balanced plug available in G20 and G21
Unbalanced plug available in G22 and G23
WCB body standard with CF8M readily available
Bolted bonnet
NACE available

Sizes: 1”  thru 8”
Ratings: 150# thru 600# ANSI
Connections: NPT, Socket weld, RF, RTJ


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